SPHYNX CAT PRICE: How Much Do They Cost?

sphinx cat

Sphynx cats, also known as hairless cats, stand as one of the most expensive cats in the world, as a purebred Sphynx typically cost between $2000 to $5000. Some champion-bred Sphynx cats may even cost more than that. This shows you’re getting a quality cat from a highly-trained and qualified breeder that knows what they’re into. 

However, you can equally get cheaper kittens from low-quality sources. But, these can’t be compared with the champion-bred cats as they normally don’t get the same level of care, most often resulting in a sicker and less friendly cat. 

In addition, Sphynx cats tend to need a bit more care than other cats. This leads to them costing more money for maintenance as well. There are a ton of financial commitment that needs to be considered before choosing to adopt one into the family. So, if truly, you want to get the full answer to the question, “what is the Sphynx cat price” read on carefully.


Sphynx needs many supplies that should be readily available before bringing him home. These supplies include a bed, toys, cat bowls, and other items. Most of these items don’t come with a high price tag individually but can be much more expensive when you put them together. It’s essential you have all the necessary costs figured out and have a budget before bringing home your new feline. 

In addition, it’s advisable you buy high-quality items that will certainly last for a long while, as this will let you save some more money in the long run. You also have to consider the special needs of the cat too. Where the spending comes in is buying the cat itself. Sphynx are part of the most expensive cats in the world, so you’ll have to gear up and be ready to spend thousands of dollars purchasing them. 

sphinx kitten

Can I Get a Sphynx for free?

It’s very rare finding a Sphynx kitten for free. Most breeders even possess contracts that prevent buyers from giving the Sphynx cats away. So, be careful when someone offers you a Sphynx cat for free. At times, they are scams. The person might choose to give you the cat away for free but may ask you to help pay the vet bills or transportation costs. Do not send money to anyone in this situation. 

Sometimes, the free cat offer might be from a friend or family member. Though the person might be looking for a good home for their pet, you must ask for more information about where they purchased the cat and whether the cat is under any contract. If the cat is under a contract and the breeder finds out, they can void the contract and claim possession of the cat.


Cost of adopting a Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats don’t usually end up in adoption agencies. However, when you find one, they are much cheaper than buying from anyone else. At most times, these cats available for adoption are adults; some may have a health condition. This might be a major reason why they were given up, as most people won’t just give up a cat that spent thousands of dollars away.

Cost Of Purchasing A Sphynx Cat From A Breeder

The best way possible to get a Sphynx cat is via a breeder. These cats from a breeder always come in the best quality ever, as most breeders always check their cats for various genetic disorders before breeding. The cost of getting a Sphynx cat from a breeder ranges between $2000 to $5000. A Sphynx cat normally has more health care and grooming needs than most cats. This makes them more expensive to cater for. 

However, try purchasing the cat from a high-quality cat breeder to keep your cost on the lower side. Ask more questions about the form of genetic testing they carry out, and the vet cares their kittens receive.

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