Top 5 Factors To Consider When Hiring The Right Video Forensic Expert

Today, the need to hire a video forensic expert (VFE) is increasingly becoming a necessity for top organizations. With the right VFE, organizations can always foresee and prevent certain issues that relate to forensics. These experts know the various image and video forensics tools they need to use to achieve the best possible results.


But here’s a quick question, what is the best way to hire the right video and image forensic expert today? Read on to discover Cognitech’s top 5 tips to find the right VFE.

1.  Check resume

Video forensics experts are professionals, who have the necessary qualifications. Before going ahead to hire experts for your company, you need to first check their resumes. The right VFE should have experience working with various video forensics tools and software.


The point of checking the CV is to understand the type of training or certifications the video forensics experts have. It’ll also enable you to understand how long they’ve been testifying, including their past cases.

2.  Image & CCTV video enhancer

As earlier mentioned, the right VFE should have enough experience handling different video forensics tools and software. One of the most common software tools these experts need to be able to handle pretty well is video enhancement software.


Yes, the right video forensics expert should have enough experience maintaining pixel integrity, especially when using Cognitech Video Investigator or another popular video and image enhancement software.

3.  Video file format and its issues

Another factor you need to consider when hiring a video forensics expert is video file formats. Go ahead and inquire about the following questions:


  • Does the expert understand the different video file formats available today?
  • Can the VFR quickly spot video format issues and fix them?


Here’s the thing; video evidence can always experience unexpected issues that relate to video format. Without the right technical know-how, you might lose important evidence. The right VFE should understand what it takes to address or prevent this type of problem.

4.  Video recovery and authentication

Two other factors you need to consider are video recovery and image authentication. Does the forensics video expert have experience in recovering video evidence? The recovery process requires certain procedures that need to be followed the right way. Without enough experience, it can be pretty difficult for them to successfully recover video evidence, which is key to resolving a case.


Video and image authentication involves checking the available evidence and making sure there are no forgeries or manipulations in the video. This process also requires the right technical skills. As such, the right VFE should have enough experience working with top-notch image authentication tools, such as Cognitech FiA 64.

5.  Chain of custody

In forensics, the chain of custody is a very essential process for the documentation of evidence. Every video forensics expert needs to understand this process as well as its importance to video and image authentication. So, before hiring VFEs, make sure you confirm that they have enough understanding of the term “chain of custody” and the risks attached to running the process incorrectly.


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