Forensics Video Investigator: How Exactly Does Cognitech Video Investigator Work?

One of the most important tools in forensic science is image & video enhancement software. This tool is essential for every investigator, as it helps to enhance digital evidence, making them more attractive and useful for courtroom use.


That said, here are a few burning questions; what exactly are forensics video investigators? What exactly makes Cognitech Video Investigator stand out from others? Read on to see the answers to your questions.


What is forensic video and image enhancement software?

Before talking about Cognitech Video Investigator 64, which is arguably the best video enhancer out there, let’s start with this question – what exactly is “image and video enhancement?”


One thing you need to know is that there’s a lot more to digital evidence (images and videos) than what you see. Most times, these images and videos often come out with less quality. In a way to improve the quality, you need to perform a process, known as an image or video enhancement.


An image enhancement is a process that requires you to adjust the in-camera settings and features of the image source. This adjustment will help you overcome the various issues attached to digital images, such as the inability to interpret the incoming light the right way.


It’s ethically wrong to add to what is not already in an image. Enhancement of images only requires you to adjust the settings without introducing any other object to the image.


Two key factors that influence the success of image enhancement software today are:


  • The amount of compression on the original image evidence.
  • The number of pixels of the main subject in the image.


Like image enhancement, video enhancement is a scientific approach to clarifying a video recording without compromising its integrity. Two factors that influence the success of this enhancement process are:


  • How skillful the video forensic expert is
  • The type and quality of the video, which is being enhanced. This quality can be evaluated by checking the compression rate, frame rate, and resolution of the video in question.

What is the best image & CCTV video enhancer?

Today, you’ll find many forensic software manufacturers out there. But does this mean you can just opt for any software tools for your forensics investigation? For you to choose the right software, you should only consider software tools from industry leaders, such as Cognitech.


Cognitech Video Investigator 64 is a reliable image and video enhancement software that has been around for a while. The newest version of this software is now available for easy access and installation on the MC2 security cloud.


But what exactly makes this software stand out from others?


The simple answer is – “it’s amazing features”. Yes, Video Investigator 64 offers tons of excellent features and a vast array of filters, which are effective for enhancing and improving your digital evidence.

Features of Cognitech Video Investigator

1.   Selection tools for everyday use

Cognitech video investigator’s everyday use selection features include a smart selection window tool, Image sequence compilation, highlight filter, zoom filter, and problems steps recorder. You’ll find all these offerings handy for your everyday use.

2.   Camera-to-camera tracking

Video Investigator 64 also provides you with a tool (VideoMap or VMAP) to perform geographical video analysis. VMAP is effective for the camera-to-camera tracking of a vehicle or a person.

3.   Analysis and verification tools.

With Cognitech video investigator, you’ll get Hash Tool that’ll help you to view and save the hash value of the image or video in question for authentication. You’ll also get EXIF Tool, which is effective for acquiring detailed metadata data of the image or video file in question. With this metadata, you’ll be able to perform codec analysis, image authentication, and a few other things.

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