Who Are Flight Attendants and How Well Do They Earn?


How much does a flight attendant make? Flight attendants are the ones working in the passenger aircraft cabin. Flight attendants deal with passengers directly and require standing for hours, making it tiring and stressful. Flight attendants provide routine services and respond to emergencies to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers.


Flight attendants provide service even during air turbulence. It causes anxiety in passengers. Handling unruly customers and emergencies may cause stress and can be difficult. Flight attendants receive training on the job from their employer and are certified by Federal Aviation Administration.


American Airlines flight attendants have variable schedules. They often work weekends, nights, and holidays. On-duty typical shift per day is 12 to 14 hours. Duty time may increase for international flights.


What is the Average Salary for a Flight Attendant?

The average annual flight attendant’s salary is $61,640. Mostly, a contract between flight attendants and the airline determines monthly and daily workable hours. The flight attendants receive 9 hours of rest after each duty period before initiating the next duty period. Attendants fly 75 to 100 hours and spend 50 hours a month preparing flights, writing reports, on the ground, and waiting for the aircraft’s arrival.


The flight attendant assignments in southwest airlines jobs are on a seniority basis choosing home base and route. New flight attendants should be flexible with their location and schedule. All flight attendants work on call. With seniority, they have control over schedules. Others choose to work on regional flights.


How Much Can You Expect to Make as a Flight Attendant?

How much do flight attendants make? The average flight attendant’s salary is $61,640. It is the wage where some earn less than $37,020 and high by $81,400.


The flight attendant’s annual wages in the top industries in which they work include:

  • $61,870 in Scheduled air transportation
  • $61,830 in Non-Scheduled air transportation


American Airlines flight attendant receives meals and accommodation allowance while away from home. The airlines have to pay for upkeep and replacements and buy a set of luggage and uniforms initially. Generally, flight attendants, payscale includes their eligibility for free standby seats or discounted airfare through an airline.


How much does it Cost to fly on a Plane from A to B?

The cost to fly on the airline relies on operating a flight and requires detailed questions:

  • What type of aircraft
  • From where to where
  • How many crewmembers
  • How much payload
  • What type of in-flight service, snacks, full meals, or water +onboard sales
  • Weather


The cost of flight operation is a multi-factor issue. The cost includes fuel burn, airport payments for gate tugs/time/ ground handling/food cost/ water/etc, cabin cost, and flight deck crews. It means calculating and taking the annual salary, and the earned salary on that specific flight. It includes a long list of costs adding to the real flying cost of the aircraft from point A to Point B.


Calculate the fuel cost bearing in mind that it is always huge. As per the standards today, a flight of 12-hour will burn 50 tons approximately. Fuel is not cheap, so considering the cost to fly an aircraft is essential to keep the engines running.


Conclusion: It’s Time You Decided Who You Actually Want To Be Asking Questions for All Day


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