What are the elements of complete tableware?

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Tableware is an essential element in every refined and elegant table. We can find these plates and bowls set in different materials and designs for daily use or special occasions. The elements of complete tableware are multiple and varied, and not all of its pieces are placed on the table for a meal. In addition, their use will depend on the dishes served.

Materials and designs

In our eco-friendly stores online, we can find tableware made of various materials, for example, porcelain, which most people usually reserve for those special occasions and events.


Likewise, there is tableware made of ceramic, earthenware, glass, and crystal; these were traditionally the most used. However, currently, there are other materials, thanks to their resistance and beauty, that have managed to position themselves very well in the market, for example, melamine, slate, and other mixed materials, which also contain the elements of complete tableware.


In the same way, you can find various designs of tableware. The most common are classic, unicolor, circular, and square designs. However, today the designs and shapes vary considerably depending on the occasion, fashion, manufacturer innovations, and other elements, for example, special customer requests.

Classic tableware

It is a classic tableware that adapts to any occasion as its traditional design does not go out of style. Classic tableware is considered to be made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, and glass. Likewise, they are made up of a considerable number of pieces.


Tableware made of these materials is usually a little more expensive when you compare the prices to more modern ones. Due to their great beauty, many of this classic tableware are considered authentic jewels, being used as decorative elements in many showcases.

Complete crockery

Complete tableware consists of many pieces; however, only some of the pieces are usually used during a meal, but they are part of the table decoration. There are certain protocols to follow when placing the dishes.

eco solutions
eco solutions

The elements of complete tableware are:

  • Deep plates: These are used for liquid or thick foods, such as soups or creams.
  • Flat plates: They are used regularly to serve the main course of a meal. However, their size varies, but they are almost always large plates since various foods are served on them—for example, fried fish with rice and a steak with French fries, among others.
  • Dessert plate: As its name indicates, it is used to serve dessert; they are smaller than the plates described above.
  • Small plates: These serve as support for the cups of the pottery; they can also be used to serve certain small desserts.
  • Cups: The elements of a complete tableware end with the cups. These are usually medium in size and are used for tea or coffee.

The other elements of complete tableware are a tureen, sauce boat, salad bowl, habaneras, and bowl dishes of various sizes, among others. However, these are only used for certain foods that require it.


It is a rule of courtesy to explain to diners certain tableware items that are used for food or exotic meals. That is, they are rare, and many people are unaware of their use. The appropriate selection of the elements of complete tableware guarantees success for various events and celebrations that take place around the table. The complete tableware represents the distinction and education of the person who organizes the table.


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