WELLS FARGO ATMS – How Much Fees Are Imposed On Them?

WELLS FARGO ATMS – How Much Fees Are Imposed On Them?

The Wells Fargo ATM provides various services other than just dispensing cash. With the Wells Fargo ATM, you can deposit, transfer money, check your credit balance, or print a statement of account.

The Wells Fargo ATM works by scanning your checks, counts your bills, and giving a total on the screen. You can, however, insert up to 30 checks and bills combined, and the ATM carries on the rest of the operations for you.

Using the Wells Fargo debit card, you can make purchases and payments, withdraw cash, and manage your money at ATMs with your physical card or digital wallet. Note that ATM fees apply to each transaction carried out. This, however, differs based on the service you need, your current location, whether domestic or international, and whether you’re using an ATM at another financial center or one of the Wells Fargo locations.

Though transactions might be free at some Wells Fargo ATMs, others might impose a fee as high as $5 per withdrawal. For clarity, below is a summary of the fees imposed for using a Wells Fargo ATM.


What Fees are Imposed by Wells Fargo ATMs in the U.S.?

Being a Wells Fargo customer, you’re entitled to a zero charge when withdrawing cash, transferring funds, or making deposits at any Wells Fargo ATMs in the United States. You can also print an account statement for free so long you carry out the transaction at Wells Fargo ATM.

However, withdrawals from non-Wells Fargo ATMs will cost you $2.50 for every transaction, while fund transfers and balance inquiries will cost you $2 per transaction.

What fees are imposed by Wells Fargo ATMs outside the U.S.?

Wells Fargo currently has no international ATM locations, but the bank also charges you a fee for any transaction using an overseas ATM. Funds withdrawals cost you $5 with any other service fee charged by the ATM operator. In addition, you can check your account balance and transfer funds at a service fee of $2.50 on top of the ATM fees.

How Much Does Wells Fargo Charge For Using Its Debit Card?

When using the debit card to purchase a foreign currency internationally, you’ll have to pay a fee of 3% of the total transaction amount.

When withdrawing money from non-Wells Fargo banks, some ATMs may not be programmed to allow you to pick a specific amount or permit that kind of transaction. In this case, we recommend using an in-bank counter to make withdraws with your debit card. Mind you; this withdrawal charges a $3 fee in the U.S. and 3% of the total transaction amount globally.

How Can I Save on Wells Fargo ATM Fees?

By looking at things, you’ll know that Wells Fargo ATM fees are high. But you can cut down on these fees if you bank with Wells Fargo. You can go to any Wells Fargo branch location to make a transaction or even search ‘Wells Fargo ATMs at my location on your P.C. or mobile. There are currently 13,000 ATM locations across the U.S., so finding one won’t be an issue.

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