The Challenge of Selecting Strawberry Companions

bad companion plants for strawberries
bad companion plants for strawberries


Creating a successful strawberry garden goes beyond simply planting the berries themselves. It’s crucial to consider which plants are suitable companions for strawberries to promote growth and protect against potential issues. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best companion plants for strawberries, enhancing your gardening experience.


The Benefits of Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums, with their vibrant flowers and peppery leaves, are excellent companions for strawberries. They deter aphids and other pests while attracting pollinators, aiding in strawberry pollination. Plant nasturtiums at the edges of your strawberry bed to maximize their beneficial impact.


The Harmony of Borage

Borage is another fantastic companion plant for strawberries. This herb not only attracts pollinators but also enhances the flavor of strawberries when grown together. Its star-shaped blue flowers add a touch of beauty to your garden while contributing to better berry production.


The Blessing of Chives

Chives, part of the allium family, can be excellent strawberry companions when used thoughtfully. Planting chives near strawberries can help deter common pests like aphids and slugs. However, ensure there is enough spacing between them to avoid the overpowering scent of chives.


The Charm of Marigolds

Marigolds bring a splash of color to your garden while acting as natural pest repellents. Their strong scent helps deter harmful insects, protecting your strawberries from potential infestations. Plant marigolds in and around your strawberry bed for the best results.



Selecting the right companion bad companion plants for strawberries difference in your garden’s overall health and productivity. Nasturtiums, borage, chives, and marigolds are just a few examples of beneficial companions that can enhance your strawberry patch. With thoughtful planning and careful selection, your strawberry garden can thrive, producing sweet and succulent berries for your enjoyment.

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