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liquid humic acid

If you currently have a lawn in your home today, chances are that you need the best organic nutrient booster to boost its growth. One of the best products worth buying to boost your lawn today is liquid humic acid. This natural organic compound works by improving soil structure and increasing its ability to hold water. All these things are important to boost your lawn growth.

But here’s a quick question; is now a good time to consider liquid humic acid for your lawn? You’ll find all you need to know about this question as you continue scrolling down this humic acid post.


1. Yellowing Grass

Yellowish grass is one of the issues that many homeowners experience with their lawns today. This issue can occur due to many reasons. First, it could be that the lawn is dying. Other common factors include nutrient deficiency, over or under-fertilization, pet urine, and compaction.

You don’t have to give up if your lawn currently has yellow spots. With a well-formulated liquid humic acid, which you can get at Foliar Tech, you can always address this problem. This is especially true if the yellowish issue is a result of nutrient deficiency. This organic substance works by improving soil health and enhancing microbial activity. All these things will help provide your lawn with the nutrients necessary to become healthier and greener.


2. Poor Soil Structure

Poor soil structure is a very common issue that can affect the growth of your lawns. With the following warning signs, you can easily understand if the soil structure is poor:

  • Soil compaction
  • Crust formation on the soil surface
  • Signs of water puddles, especially after rain
  • Sparse growth of grass
  • Shallow roots

These aforementioned factors are some of the signs to know that the soil structure is poor. One thing you can do in this situation is to apply the right organic substance. We recommend using liquid humic acid because of its effects and ability to improve the structure of the soil and increase nutrient uptake.


3. Inconsistent Colour

Do you currently experience patchy colours across your lawns? If yes, then this is likely so because the available nutrients are unevenly distributed. In this case, the only thing you can do is to ensure that the nutrients are evenly distributed—here’s where the need to use humic acid comes into play.

Liquid humic acid is a powerful organic substance that can perfectly help to even out the available nutrients. Doing this will surely make your lawns healthier and greener.


4. Slow Grass Growth

Are you experiencing a slow growth rate with your grass? While many factors can contribute to this issue, the major culprit is usually poor available nutrients. In this case, all you need to boost the growth of the grass is to enhance the nutrients with a reliable nutrient booster, such as humic acid.


5. Brown Spots

Brown spots are one of the biggest nightmares of homeowners today. This issue can surface due to many factors, such as dog urine and overdue lawn maintenance. Depending on the cause, you can always rely on liquid humic acid to bring your lawn back to its normal green state. All you need is to apply the organic substance the right way or get a professional to run the job for you.


Why Choose Humic Acid For Your Garden Today?

You have many options when it comes to improving your soil structure and enhancing your lawn’s growth. But none of these options beats using a well-formulated, professional-grade liquid humic acid.

Humic acid is very different from your regular purely synthetic lawn fertilizers. This is simply because it’s organic and ideal for people interested in sustainable lawn care practices. Liquid humic acid will never contribute to nutrient imbalances over time. Also, it’ll never cause degradation to your soil—you can’t say the same things for synthetic fertilizers. You can always rely on this organic compound to achieve healthy soil for a longer period.

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