How To Fix Google Home’s Nest Mini Cutting Out Issue

Disabling the IPv6 connections on your router is a good way to address the Home/Nest Mini cut-out issue. Here’s a brief of what the user.

Home’s Nest Mini, released in October 2021, is the second generation of Google’s Home Mini product. In case you don’t know, this speaker device is round in shape and could fit almost anywhere around your home. You can use the Google Nest Mini speaker for a lot of things – a good example is turning it into a personal assistant/radio. You can even connect the device to a larger Nest Hub.

Google Home’s Nest Mini comes with tons of amazing features. For instance, the device provides its users with full Google Assistant support. With this offering, users can always execute voice commands and seek answers to questions, easily. However, as amazing as the Nest Mini device is, you need to understand that it’s not without its issues.

According to the latest reports, users now complain that their Google Home/Nest Mini devices either cut out or stop mid-sentence. As you read further, you’ll find everything you need to know about the cutting-out issue.

What is Google Home/Nest Mini?

As you already know, the Google Home/Neat Mini is a round, compact, and budget-friendly speaker. The device comes with support for Google Assistant, which helps to answer all your voice prompts. Here’s how it works; by saying “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” and then adding a specific command, you can always control your smart home devices quickly and easily.

With the Google Home/Nest Mini speaker, you can always perform several tasks. First, the smart speaker will allow you to play your favorite tunes. However, to enjoy this feature, you’ll need to have the device connected to your favorite streaming services, such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, and many more.

Another interesting part of the Google Home/Nest Mini speaker is that it could assist you in locating your missing phone around your home. However, to enjoy this offering, you need to perform a couple of setups, such as connecting to Wi-Fi and using the “Find My Device” feature. So, you need to learn how to connect Google Nest Mini to WiFi.

You can also set a music alarm using your Google Home/Nest Mini speaker. Of course, this requires that you first link your streaming service to your Nest Mini smart speaker. After that, you can then proceed and ask for an alarm with a specific song, artist, or playlist. That’s not all; you can use Nest Mini as an intercom – all thanks to its broadcast feature. Moreover, you can also use the smart speaker to create simplified voice-activated routines.

Google Home’s Nest Mini cuts out or stops mid-sentence

As amazing as the 2nd Generation Home/Nest Mini speaker is, it’s not without its issues. I’m saying this because the latest reports reveal some users complaining about an issue. The affected Home/Nest Mini users mentioned the device responses are misbehaving. Let’s have a quick look at recent complaints regarding the issue on the ground:

According to Edro_fallen, the Google Home/Nest Mini user mentioned that he has been experiencing cut-out issues for the past weeks. While explaining, the user revealed that his smart speaker often gets major ADHD and then stops responding mid-sentence.

“Hey all, I’ve been facing a problem for the past couple of weeks where my Nest mini will get major ADHD and then stop responding mid-sentence. Here is my command where it didn’t even make it past the g in ingredients and it happens constantly at the same spot in the response if I ask again. I’ve done a factory reset and while it seems other users are having issues in the help forum, the reps’ only advice is to reset or move closer to the router. Does anyone have suggestions?”

You can also check these links (1,2,3,4) to read more about what affected users are saying regarding the cut-out issue.

How to fix the Home/Nest Mini cutting-out problem

For now, there’s no official fix yet from Google to address the situation where the Home/Nest Mini smart speaker cuts out or stops mid-sentence. However, the good news is I know a couple of workarounds that you can try to fix the annoying issue on the ground.

Workaround 1

As suggested by an affected user on the Google Support page, the very first workaround involves using the ‘Hey Google-repeat that’ command. Here’s a brief of what the affected user mentioned regarding the workaround for the issue:

“For now, you can try “Hey Google- repeat that” as one workaround. I also suggest keeping saying “Hey Google, Give feedback” ad nauseum throughout the day and stating the problem. I figure if we bombard them they’ll eventually listen and hopefully fix it. If not, I’ll cut my losses and start over with Alexa.”

Workaround 2

Another affected user suggested that disabling the IPv6 connections on your router is a good way to address the Home/Nest Mini cut-out issue. Here’s a brief of what the user mentioned about the unofficial fix for the Nest Mini problem below:

“I was having this issue yesterday with my Google home mini too. It kept stopping or cutting out mid-sentence. If the sentence was too long it would eventually start itself back up lol. I disabled IPv6 connections in my router and that seems to have fixed the issue for now.”

For you to turn off IPv6 connections in your router, here’s what you need to do below:

  • You need a cable modem, router, Ethernet cable, and a computer.
  • Connect the devices appropriately.
  • Via a web browser, you need to access the admin panel. For the stage, you need to log in with your router’s IP address and password.
  • Now, go to “Advanced Settings” and then “LAN Settings.” From there, click “Disable” on IPv6 and wait for the update to complete.

Will there be an official fix from Google?

Since this Google Home/Nest Mini cut-out issue affects a lot of people, I’m hopeful that an official fix will soon come. For now, the Google team is yet to acknowledge the problem. That means we don’t know when the official fix will be available for you to address the issue permanently.


The cutting out issue on Google Home/Nest Mini is a temporary issue that currently affects users. The workarounds above are tested and trusted to help address the annoying sound issue. However, we’ll keep our eyes on the Google team for you. As soon as anything worth sharing comes up, you’ll certainly be the first to read about it here.

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