Elopement: Everything You Need To Know About It

Elopement: Everything You Need To Know About It
Elopement: Everything You Need To Know About It

Can you imagine taking a getaway alone to get married? Well, that is the essence of ‘elopement’ or elopement marriages. Find out what it is, who is invited (or not), where it could be done, and if there is any protocol for it.

An elopement wedding can be romantic, spontaneous, and even seem improvised. Still, it requires preparation, as in the most classic weddings: choosing a place for the ceremony, looking for wedding dresses, and taking care of the legal aspects so that your union is valid, among other details.

The most notable difference is that, instead of planning your big day for hundreds of guests, you will plan it just for the two of you. An elopement or elopement-style marriage will take you to live a special moment in which love will be the most important thing. Therefore, we tell you everything you need to know to make it a reality and how to get a destination wedding planner.


What Is an Elopement or Elopement Wedding?

An elopement wedding is known as a celebration that takes place without guests (or with a very small group). It is usually far from the traditional protocol of readings and wedding procession, giving way to a short union in a more intimate environment for the couple that can be formal or informal.

Historically, it is said that this modality arose in the past when couples ran away from home without their parent’s permission to get married secretly. Nowadays, if a couple decides to have an elopement ceremony, it could mean that they go to the beach alone to dedicate their vows without someone to accompany them or gather their closest loved ones to witness their union in a forest, garden, or wedding chapel near where they live.


An elopement marriage is legal as long as it is made official by a notary or judge and in which there is the presence of witnesses, and therefore the marriage certificate is signed. For everything else, they can include some rituals such as vows or readings that, although they are not regulatory requirements, can be good ideas to take into account.


Why Do Couples Choose This Wedding? (Should You Do It?)

The answer to this question will depend on who you are as a couple (tastes, personalities, etc.) and what you want to get out of your wedding experience.

If you prefer to get away from the noise of the city, like privacy and sharing with small groups, and are more inclined towards informal environments, then an elopement ceremony is for you. Do you want to save money by betting on an intimate party? It could work, too!

Remember that you can get married by choosing the style of celebration you prefer, incorporating those components that are part of a large or small marriage.


Who Is Invited to an Elopement Wedding?

For this type of wedding, what is common is that they do not invite anyone and only the officiant and, at most, a photographer or videographer accompany them.

This response to the fact that the origin of these marriages corresponded to a need for the couple to get married secretly from everyone, so there were usually no witnesses, and only in some cases were they accompanied by a few friends who served as accomplices.

Although the meaning of elopement has been reinterpreted, most couples choose to preserve the purest sense of the term and celebrate a bond only between them. However, you can also have a very intimate wedding attended by your closest loved ones.

What is customary, after getting married following this concept, is to organize a party in which they not only share with their family and friends some details of the moment they have just experienced but also celebrate with them, making them accomplices after the day special.

Surely, after that moment, the phrases for wedding invitations with which you will let your loved ones participate in your union will have a romantic seal.



The fact that the crowd in an elopement wedding is always small does not mean you don’t have to do much planning. Not getting a proper planner offering a reasonable elopement package can cause a colossal event that won’t suit the sweet wedding you desire. This is why you must have an elopement guide or contact a destination wedding planner.


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