CapCut Mobile Video Editor Review

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CapCut is an all-in-one app for editing videos and exporting them to social platforms. TikTok especially. It runs on both android and iOS devices. Both versions have the same features for transforming videos. It is recommended for TikTok users. It supports different file formats and has common editing tools, filters, animations, transformation, etc. It is supported by both iOS and Android devices. Each version has the same features in it. Vides can be enhanced using stickers, special effects, filters, and music. It polishes the simplest video with a hint of professionalism. Capcut runs exclusively on mobile devices. It has no desktop version. I recommend downloading it on an iPad mini to mimic a wider screen. The app also works on older iPhone versions.

Getting Started With CapCut Review

Although CapCut is a sister app to TikTok, you don’t need to own a TikTok account to use it. When you open the app, it goes straight to the home screen. On the home screen, you can select “new project” to start new editing or “ShortCut” to make a video. You can also search for previous projects underneath these icons to resume editing. To access the editing features, tap the small icon on the upper right side of the app. CapCut’s ShortCut allows users to create videos of themselves for three minutes via the app. The video is uploaded and edited like all existing videos.

Key Features

Split Function

The split function or “split” is a scissors feature. It cuts videos in the middle or from any other part of the video from the middle.

  • Tap + to import the video from the device gallery
  • Open the video
  • Move the play head where you want to split
  • Select the split function
  • Splitting is done frame-by-frame so that no video is lost.

Speed Control

The control features adjust the video speed. It makes it faster or slower. It is similar to the slo-mo feature of other video editors.

  • Select the speed icon on the app
  • Choose the preset you want
  • Usually the preset is relative to the video’s original speed
  • When the preset is selected, you’ll see the duration in the video
  • Ensure to take note of the video’s resolution if you reduce the speed (slow motion) be certain that the video is of high resolution

Reverse Video Function

The reverse video function on CapCut is a bit tricky. It works on short videos only. No one can fault the developers for this. The back-end program for it is very complex to accommodate long videos. At the time of the review, using this function for long videos freeze the app. I’d advise using a phone with higher RAM with this function. Or cut the video into shorter clips and reverse it one at a time. Then you can join them in a larger video.

  • To use this function;
  • Add the video to the timeline
  • Tap the video on the timeline for options
  • Select “reverse”
  • Wait for it to intuitively reverse the video

Music Library

Like most video editing software, CapCut also comes with a music library. It contains license-free music and audio effects. The music/audio tracks are high quality and are added to videos easily. You can add them to a position in your video to match it.

Filters & Effects

Filters can soften or improve your video, depending on how you want it. Some filters add colors, and some add season to videos. Some even come with added tools to enhance the video’s beauty and quality. If your videos have several clips in your videos with color contrast, you can apply filters for uniformity. Effects such as comic, split-screen, dream, retro, etc. overlay the videos with new elements to look pro-level. Each class of effect has a sub-class to further fine-tune the effect.

Other Features

  • Auto caption intuitively turns voice-overs to subtitles
  • Body effects attach an emoji to an element to follow their movement. It is the closest users can get to tracking motion features.
  • Chroma Key allows users to remove all backgrounds and add a new background for green screen effects.
  • Keyframing allows users to create simple animations and set stickers or titles to follow the animation in the video.
  • 3D Zoom turns an image 3D but the image is deleted after achieving the effect.

Using these features along with the key features produces cool video.

CapCut Pros & Cons


  • Users can enhance their creativity with a range of incredible effect
  • The style element now has a 3D zoom
  • It is a very fast video editor
  • It comes in other languages asides from English. There is Malay, Spanish, Turkey, and Russian. Users can switch between these languages easily with the language switching features
  • It has varieties of filters and effects to make the video pro-level
  • It is a multi-purpose free video editing app
  • Videos can be exported straight to TikTok with the quality intact.
  • The user interface is clean, simple, and easy to work with
  • It has a dark mode for the eye’s health


  • The app is too basic
  • The features are limited compared to standard video editors
  • It allows only two video tracks in its timeline
  • Its performance is limited by the device’s RAM
  • The video is limited to just 15 minutes
  • It has no motion tracking features
  • It has no 3D or Multicam editing
  • It does not support 4K format or export to HEVC
  • It has no desktop version
  • It allows only one audio sound in the video

CapCut Alternatives

YouCut editor runs on both PC and mobile devices, unlike CapCut. It is a better alternative to CapCut considering some of its common features like video trimming, joining, movie making, etc. It supports videos in different formats (AVI, MP4, MPEG, DVX, WMV, etc.).

Why Choose Youcut?

  • It cuts video clips shorter than one second.
  • It has far better features and text effect
  • It makes photo slideshows merge videos, split & cuts it better than CapCut. It also beats CapCut in the “best video joining” category with these features.


CapCut video editor is very suitable for TikTok users who want to amp up their mobile video editing skills. But for consumer-level video editors already used to iMovie, will they be willing to switch to CapCut?

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