Air Duct Cleaning Scams: How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company Today

Air Duct Cleaning Scams: How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company Today
Air Duct Cleaning Scams: How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company Today

Today, indoor air quality is one of the trending topics across different parts of the world. According to experts, both short-term and long-term exposure to poor indoor air may lead to different health problems, such as heart issues, respiratory diseases, cancer, and many more. To avoid any of these problems, hiring a reliable air duct cleaning company is important.

No doubt, there are many good air duct & dryer vent cleaning companies out there today. However, you need to also keep in mind that the duct cleaning industry also has a lot of scammers. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover a few warning signs to identify air duct cleaning scams, including how to protect yourself.


Why Exactly Is Air Duct Cleaning Important For Your Home?

Before discussing air duct cleaning scams, you may be interested in knowing why cleaning your air duct is important to your home.

As you already know, air ducts are conduits designed specifically to help deliver cooled or heated air to different areas in your home. As these ducts continue to protect your home, they get dirty in the process. This is one reason why air duct cleaning is important.

By keeping your air ducts clean, your home’s HVAC system will be able to perform at peak efficiency. Apart from boosting your home’s energy efficiency, a well-cleaned duct can also keep your cooling and heating units protected from different issues, such as clogging.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Air Duct Cleaning Scams

It’s only normal to hire a reliable air duct & dryer vent cleaning company as soon as you start noticing issues with your duct. However, we won’t advise you to rush this process. Why? By rushing to hire a professional cleaning company, you may end up with a scammer. To avoid this, below are a few warning signs to identify a scammer when hiring a reliable cleaning company:


1. Unforeseen issues

Are you currently experiencing a situation where the company you’re looking to hire finds more reasons to increase prices due to unforeseen issues? Why this may happen during the inspection,  the air duct cleaning company must be able to discuss with you in detail why there’s a need for further services. If you notice any price increase after the commencement of the cleaning job, just know the company in question may be interested in scamming you.

How exactly can you avoid this issue? It’s pretty simple; ensure to put everything in writing before the company starts to work on your cleaning project. As soon as you notice any price increase, just know everything is not right.


2. Cheap prices

You need to understand that the right air duct cleaning services do not come at a very cheap price. That said, if the company you’re looking to hire charges you too low for its cleaning services, just know this may be an air duct cleaning scam.

No doubt, the best cleaning service providers sometimes offer discounts. However, we’ll advise that you stay away from companies that offer air duct cleaning coupons that are hard to believe.


3. Unauthorized visit to your door

Another strategy that’s common to scammers is that they may come knocking at your door, saying they visited your neighborhood. This is not right and you should never fall for it even if you need an air duct cleaning expert so badly. Here is the thing; top-notch duct cleaning service providers will never go from door to door to talk about their services. Instead, these companies will use different forms of adverts and referrals to attract new clients.


How To Protect Yourself From Air Duct Cleaning Scam

The only way to avoid air duct cleaning scams is by taking the time to research before settling down for a cleaning company. Asking for recommendations from friends and family may help you avoid scammers. You can also avoid scams by reading online reviews from top review sites, such as Google. The experience level of the company is another factor you need to check during the hiring phase.

That said, one reliable company you can trust to deliver you the best air duct cleaning services today is Duct Doctor DMV. With this company, you can always rest assured that your cleaning project will be handled the right way without overpaying.

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