4TH STIMULUS CHECK CONFIRMED – Is my State Giving out the 4th stimulus Check?

Stimulus check has, and still remains the best financial lifeline for families finding it hard due to the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis isn’t yet over as the delta variant has an increasing figure in many states in the US. However, life in the US gradually settles into some form of normalcy.

The impact of the crisis isn’t affecting everyone in the same way. As certain individuals’ funds have improved, others haven’t. But the government assists in its little way, i.e., disbursing stimulus checks to its citizen to aid them in their financial struggles during these hard times.

The third round of the stimulus checks started back in March last year, all thanks to American Rescue Plan (ARP). At that time, about a 169 million Americans received up to $1400 each. Those payments were meant to lessen COVID’s impact on the economy while still trying to support the economy. The effects are quite encouraging, bringing us to the question, will there be a 4th stimulus check? If yes, ‘is the 4th stimulus check confirmed yet?

Is the 4th Stimulus Check Confirmed Yet?

Yes, the 4th stimulus check is coming, but this time, it won’t be from the federal government like the last three but based on the State where you reside. You heard me clearly, these fourth stimulus checks are being disbursed to people at the state and city levels.

The American Rescue plan gave out $195billion (about $500million at least) to all 50 states to aid in funding their economic recovery. That’s a whole lot of money. But come to think of it, they weren’t given till eternity to spend the money. Each State needs to find out what to spend the money on before the end of 2024, and they have until 2026 to spend all the cash. 2026 might look a bit far but mind you; the clock is ticking.

Is the 4th Stimulus Check Confirmed in my State?

As stated earlier, all 50 states have full access to the money, but they must find ways to spend it. Out of the 50 states, only 18 states and cities have so far planned to use the money as a fourth stimulus check. For these states, the 4th stimulus check was either given out to targeted groups or teachers.

Which States are giving the 4th stimulus Check to Teachers?

Teachers globally are respected to be the main heroes that help shape the economy. During the pandemic, schools were shut down, forcing most teachers to carry out services online. To show them the love they truly deserve, these states are disbursing the fourth stimulus check.

  • Florida: Teachers in Florida are expected to receive a $1000 bonus. However, they’re certain qualifications that need to be met.
  • Georgia: Like Florida, Georgia is also giving out a $1000 bonus to full-time teachers and administrators. However, part-time teachers get a bonus of $500
  • Tennessee: Tennessee is also honoring teachers by giving them a bonus of $1000 for full-time teachers and $500 for part-time teachers
  • Texas: No word yet state-wide, but some districts in the lone star state has started distributing bonus to teachers.

What states are giving out the 4th stimulus check to targeted groups?

  • Arizona: Arizona uses its back-to-work program to offer $2000 to those employed after months of staying unemployed. However, you must be at your new job for at least eight weeks to get the benefits.
  • California: In California, the Golden State is the only one to give out a stimulus check.
  • Colorado: Colorado decided to give out their stimulus check to the unemployed.
  • Maine: In the northeastern region of the country, Maine is giving out a $285 check as an appreciation to those who helped during the pandemic. Last month, they mailed out $850 relief checks to about $858,000 of its citizens to help its economy.
  • Maryland: For this region, anyone who filed for earned income tax credit on their 2019 taxes gets a stimulus check worth $500 (families) and $300(individual).
  • Missouri: The State is giving out a $250 stimulus check for those working in any health facility or correction facility.
  • New Mexico: New Mexicans in the lower-income group gets a one-time payment of $750.
  • New York: New York decided to spend theirs as an excluded workers fund for workers that lost employment during the pandemic.
  • Vermont: Stimulus checks of $1200-$2000 were given to frontline workers that helped during the start of the pandemic.

Which City is Giving Out 4TH Stimulus Checks?

  Chicago      low-income residents$500 to 5000 people each month
  Los Angeles       low-income residents  $1000 to 3200 people each month  
  Pittsburgh  low-income residents$500 to 200 people each month
  Santa Ana  low-income residents$300 to about 20,000 residents  
  Seattle  low-income residents$1,000 to 3,000 people


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4th stimulus check confirmed

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